What’s your #style? Checkout Chinelo of @MyStyleOasis

Social media, when used purposefully, opens door to many blessings.  I cannot but be grateful for the opportunity, everyday, to connect and meet with talented people from all walks of life.  Chine's story is inspired by passion and grace. Her life exemplifies the fact that satisfaction and happiness can truly come from embracing your passion and following your heart. It doe not matter what the world thinks or says, what matters is that we were all born to accomplish great things and the only way we can do that is to embrace our real passion.

The fashion world is craving for more and more talented hands and it was not by coincidence that I had an opportunity to work with Chine for her fashion show hosted by Drexel University African Student Association on Friday, 12th April, 2014.  With her #blessed hands, she made unique #African outfits for all the models that participated in the show.  I bet she is on her way to be one of the greatest fashion stylist of this generation!
Meeting her for the first time in person, it felt like we've known each other for long. Her demeanor was calm and she was the kind of client everyone would love to work with. She asked that her makeup be classy and elegant and I went to work.....

Enjoy her makeover below...










Based on my interaction with her and from the pictures, everyone can tell how happy she is. Her smile transcends even the hardest of hearts. Whatever your style preference is, she can definitely deliver. Kindly support her by following her on Instagram.

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